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I began building technology websites in 1998 to provide self-help and tutorials for learning basic computer and networking technology concepts, maintaining the theme, "Geek Speak Made Simple."

Many of the ideas and inspiration for the websites of the Guru 42 Universe date back to my personal use of desktop computers and online services back in the 1980s.

I created the Guru 42 Universe small business and technology series to help people embrace technology without fear of frustration. The topics covered here are the types of questions that I often get asked by small business people, and mesh with my personal experiences.

Whether you are a student of technology or simply a frustrated end-user looking to better understand the buzzwords the Guru 42 Universe is here to help.

Successful technology integration without frustration

Business success has many meanings. The Guru 42 Universe uses stories and analogies inspired by first-hand experiences to illustrate the keys to success. The goal is to provoke thought and encourage actions that help you define business success for yourself.

For aspiring technology professionals and business managers, we prepare you for the challenges you face. For the computer end-user, I use analogies and telling stories to create a better understanding of the challenges involved with managing a computer network.

Success is choosing the right tool for the task

Let's start with the analogy of the toolbox to illustrate the keys to success. You can go to your local hardware store and buy a hammer and saw, but will that make you a carpenter? As a tool, the information in the Guru 42 websites will only increase your odds for success if you learn how to use it, not simply read it! Using thoughts and inspiration from many of the business success stories I have studied over the years, I hope to exercise your brain.

Write down questions that come to your mind as you are reading the articles in this section. Write down personal examples of ideas and thoughts which will help you remember points you want to remember. Even if you totally disagree with a statement I make, if you think about a problem or idea in a way you never have before, I have succeeded.

When you master the ability to illustrate a point with a personal example from your life when you add your personal perspective to an idea, your missions will have true meaning, and you will begin your journey beyond ideas and intentions.

This material is not written from the perspective of a lawyer or accountant and should not be used in place of professional guidance. Do not let this website, or any other single source of information, make decisions for you. The key to business success is finding the proper professionals to advise you, but still, be your own boss. Look for the people and events which will become the positive anchors in your life. Once you have identified the positive anchors, use them!

Information technology success beyond the buzzwords

Do you avoid technology because you are intimidated by the buzzword?

Do you avoid technology because geek speak drives you crazy?

The Guru 42 Universe was created to stretch your mind beyond the buzzwords and fanboy geek speak, to see things in a different perspective.

As you are traveling, keep an open mind. No matter what your destination, or puzzle in life, don't get hung up on thinking there is only one way to approach it. Start here at the Guru 42 Universe to get started on a journey through business and technology.



Tom Peracchio is not a university professor with a team of editors and advisers. He is one man who loves technology and history and tells stories to increase awareness, educate, and entertain. Support the efforts of Tom in developing the Guru 42 Universe by your small donation here at Buy me a coffee.

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