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Beyond the myths and legends and the reasons to hate

The internet is a place where a small bit of factual information gets twisted by emotions and exaggerations creating websites full of misinformation and mythical stories.

With the new year 2021, as I reboot the Guru42 Universe, I hope to stress the power of a tremendous communications tool to inform and inspire, and the responsibility to deliver a message truthfully with integrity.

I often ask the question, "what do you hate most about technology?" I receive great feedback on that question through social media and online forums. I hear many concerns that the world of social media is full of cute memes of oversimplified philosophy and dubious famous quotes.

When the question is asked what do you hate most about technology, one theme that comes up often is the misuse of technology. People expressed concerns that technology makes us lazy, that technology is used more as a crutch rather than a tool. Many comments told of the unfortunate perceptions of a dark side that could give people a reason to hate technology.

I share the concerns that many people raised in their comments. I will continue to push forward at the Guru42 Universe to cut through all the hype of the various fanboys, and search for the truth.

In search of Geek History

I immerse myself in researching Geek History, looking for information, and visiting various online forums. Geek History has been an ongoing journey where the more information I find, the more I want to know.

Much of what is posted on blogs and forums is often more myth than substance.  The "who invented what" questions get silly at times. People argue over who gets credit for inventing something, who is smarter, who is the father of his industry. Very often one or two people get all the glory for the work of many. I look at the evolution of technology and inventions and appreciate the many inventors and their accomplishments.

When I try to put the myths and legends into some perspective, it really gets frustrating when some wacko makes comments telling me to do some research. I spend endless hours looking through newspaper and magazine articles trying to find verifiable sources of information, taking the responsibility seriously of not spreading unfounded information. One article on some conspiracy theory website with no sources listed makes a wild claim, gets a few thousand views, and a dozen other sites use that article as a reference.

I still believe the truth is out there to be discovered and the answers are not some website telling me about intelligent extraterrestrial life and vast government conspiracies.

"With great power comes great responsibility"

A major theme of the Guru42 Universe is to recognize the power of the internet as a tremendous communications tool to inform and inspire, with the responsibility to deliver a message with integrity

Let us work together to get beyond the myths and legends and overcome the reasons to hate technology.

Stay strong. Stay curious my friend.

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