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What do you hate most about technology?

As I think about that question today with so many people working from home, I ask, has working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic changed any of your attitudes about technology? Hate it more? Appreciate it more?

Periodically I will shotgun the question "What do you hate the most about technology?" through the social media universe. With the rebuild and rebirth of the Guru 42 Geek Think Blog the world has changed quite a bit since I last blasted the question throughout social media.

Some people criticize the negativity of the question focused on hate. Sometimes you need to stir up some emotion to get people to share their thoughts, hate describes strong emotion. When someone says that they hate a certain technology, the hate is more emotional than logical. People hate change.

I have been working with desktop computers since the early 1980s. I earn my living managing and supporting computer networks. There has been one consistent theme throughout my career, with every new operating system that comes out there are changes.

I accept the changes, adapt and adjust, and move on, because that is the nature of being an IT professional. By getting people to tell me what they hate about technology I help them to understand that together we can learn to accept the changes, and not to get to emotional about the evolution of their computer's operating system.

Do you hate technology buzzwords?

Is technology really creating a brave new world, or simply marketing old ideas in new packages? I want to help people get beyond the hype and the buzzwords that surround the technology, and focus on the tasks performed by the tools. I want to focus on stepping away from the technology and back to the tasks. Once we get past the emotional side of technology, the things you hate, we can then focus on what are you trying to accomplish. Success is not measured by using all the tools in the box. Success is about working smarter, and using the tools that work the best for you to their fullest.

Does technology control your life?

With the rebuild and rebirth of the Guru 42 Geek Think Blog I'll be throwing out some questions on social media along with a link to this blog post to get some ideas and reactions. I have a lot of notes on using technology, and many common questions, but I am really looking forward to some fresh feedback to stir up some brain waves.

When I hear someone blatantly hating a certain technology, I smile. I take it with the same grain of salt as someone passionately hating a sports team, or famous athlete. The hate is more emotional than logical.

Strong emotions run in both directions. I tell people technology is not simply my job, it is my life and passion. In this case I am describing strong positive emotion.

So tell me, what do you hate most about technology?

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